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The Tourism Zone of Mission Hills Haikou

An oasis of luxury and leisure, Haikou’s Mission Hills tourism zone is a symbol of forward-thinking Hainan island. Rising in popularity since 2010, it’s become a lavish and attractive place to enjoy some leisure time.
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West Coast Golf Club

Right opposite Holiday Beach in Haikou, it is one of the many top-class sporting facilities on Hainan Island and offers uninterrupted views of the city and the South China Sea.
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Mission Hills Haikou Clubhouse

Set on bed of solid lava rock, formed by eruptions thousands of years ago, the clubhouse offers golfing facilities like no others you will have ever come across.
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Haikou Meishi International Golf Club

Located in the western coastal area of Haikou city, the club is a truly enviable spot, providing a sporting experience like no other.