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Mission Hills Haikou Clubhouse

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world golfing experience, then Haikou has something very special awaiting you.

Set on bed of solid lava rock, formed by eruptions thousands of years ago, the Mission Hills Haikou Clubhouse offers golfing facilities like no others you will have ever come across.

Located in an area of dormant volcanoes in Yangshan, at the southern end of Haikou City, this area of barren land has been transformed into a top-class golfing location. Here, you will feel like you have been transported to another planet.

Ten courses have been designed taking advantage of the unique, ancient terrain and are set against a vast black rock skyline. The outstanding facilities attract golfers of all abilities, including celebrity and professional players. All of them in awe of what has been created here.

This landmark development, described as the largest of its kind in the world, is the venue for the Mission Hills World Golf Star Tournament, which brings together top players from the Asia-Pacific region.

Mission Hills has also hosted the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am, Mission Hills Golf World Cup and the World Ladies Championship.

The golf is complimented with other excellent facilities in the surrounding resort, including villas and a hotel which offers spectacular views out over the grounds. You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine offered by the many restaurants.

After using up all that energy playing golf, why not check out the impressive health club. You can rest your weary body in a natural mineral pool. There are almost 170 of them, set at various temperatures and themed according to the world’s continents.

Mission Hills Haikou Clubhouse has become the golfing destination of choice for tourists and business travellers from around the world. A place to enjoy sport, to eat great food and to relax with family, friends and colleagues. A resort that is well worth a visit.


No.1 Mission Hills Boulevard, Haikou (海口市观澜湖大道1号)


Travel Tips

If you love golf, you will love the Mission Hills Haikou Clubhouse. Make sure you plan some time here during your stay in Haikou. Prices vary for the different options available, check locally.

The best way to reach Mission Hills is by taxi or driving. From the Meilan International Airport roundabout highway, the journey is around 20 minutes.

Pull on the golf shoes and hat and enjoy the volcanic experience of Mission Hills. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sporting experience that is truly out of this world.