Natural Attractions

Discover the lovely and unique geological features beyond the beaches

Wetland City of Haikou

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Haikou is blessed with many a wetland, so much so that it is known as the wetland city.

Fun Countryside with family

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From May 1st to May 5th, Fengtang Green Garden will launch aerobic hiking, cute pet feeding, int

The most beautiful bird in China is coming to Beigang!

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In April 2024, the Beigang Ecological Survey Team conducted a preliminary survey of mangrove tou

Advection fog spotted in Haikou City

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Advection fog spotted in Haikou City today.
Photo: Wu Su

Wuyuan River National Wetland Park

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The Wuyuan River National Wetland Park is located in Xiuying District, Haikou City, in South Chi

Bird watching in Haikou

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Around October every year, northern migratory birds will gradually migrate south.

Cultural Attractions

Explore the history, culture and folk customs in Haikou

Hairui Cultural Park

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The Hairui Cultural Park has become an internet-famous site in Haikou, attracting a large number

Hainan Museum

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The Hainan Museum features permanent exhibits on the province’s history, culture, cuisine, and m

10+ countries' consuls in Haikou in late Qing

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With the further study on Haikou arcades, the historical consulates in Haikou are known by more

Temple of the Five Lords

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Located in Haikou, the Temple of the Five Lords is a memorial shrine to five exiled officials fr

Take ancient-style photos in Haikou

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The Chinese traditional clothing style of hanfu has become an irresistible trend among young gen

Thirty-Six Bends Provincial Wetlands Park

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Located in the middle of the Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Thirty-Six Bends Provincial Wetlan