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Fall in love at first sight with Wormhole Library

Quietly immerse yourself in the Wormhole Library and enjoy a reading experience you heart and mind will desire

@ Wormhole Library

The helmsman is riding the blue sea, the astronaut is in vast space, the perfumer is absorbed in the rose garden, and you are quietly immersed in the Wormhole Library, connecting body and soul.  

Wormhole Library is located at the seaside. Pick a less busy afternoon and let yourself go, approach the building from the busy city, start a journey of literary time and space along the shore, and feel the beauty and romance between heaven and earth.

Wormhole Library resembles art inadvertently carved by nature. They are simple and casual. The windows inside and out are very similar to the "holes" that can be discovered in the natural environment. Designed by the famous architect Ma Yansong, this large-scale international public art building is located in Century Park by Haikou Bay and covers an area of 4,397 square metres. It has long been integrated with the blue sea and blue sky.

Walking into the Wormhole Library, you don’t feel the unique humidity and heat as experienced in other coastal buildings. The large and small windows open up the space layer by layer, and natural ventilation is achieved alongside natural light sources. The sunshine, accompanied by a fresh sea breeze and drills, provides a unique atmosphere.

As the designer said: "Each hole is a universe and an ear, allowing people to listen to the spiritual world of the sea." Viewing the sky and sea through the windows, you get a new perspective on the world around you through tunnels of time and space.

The library on the south side of the building contains 10,000 books, and the spacious, bright and clean reading space will provide real escapism.

Gently flip the pages and patiently savour the life described in each book! Let the warm and soft natural light fall on your face. Cafes, public toilets, barrier-free toilets, shower rooms, mother and baby rooms, public rest areas, roof gardens in the north area meet all your needs. In this fast-paced urban life, the library gives you some tranquil, ‘me time.’

Take a break during your reading time to enjoy a drink from the north side café. When you raise your eyes inadvertently, you see the sea and feel the comfort brought by the balmy sea breezes. Drink your beverage slowly without being disturbed, taking time out. Look up at the sea and look down at your book.

When night falls, the Wormhole Library under the stars and moon is full of tenderness, like a transparent and glowing scallop and the figure of the Wormhole Library is quietly reflected in the water. You stand on the seashore in the twilight, waiting for the darkness to melt the sea level, gradually absorbing the waves, blurring the sand, hiding the traces of trees and buildings. The scene resembles a dream, like a fantasy, which is sure to infatuate you.

Come visit, take some to time to gaze through the hole windows and experience something unlike ever before. Here, "fall in love at first sight" with Wormhole Library and connect with your own spiritual world.