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The Tourism Zone of Mission Hills Haikou

An oasis of luxury and leisure, Haikou’s Mission Hills tourism zone is a symbol of forward-thinking Hainan island. Rising in popularity since 2010, it’s become a lavish and attractive place to enjoy some leisure time.
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West Coast Scenic Belt

Overlooking the Qiongzhou Straight, Haikou’s West Coast is a place where you can admire two vistas: mainland China in the distance and Hainan island.
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The Volcanic Cultural Circle

Volcanoes had an influential role in shaping Hainan island’s geography and today are a big attraction for visitors fascinated by these natural wonders.
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Nanyang Cultural Circle

From typical flower shirts to the Arcade Street and Nanyang Street in Movie Town, Haikou is the epitome of southern spirit.
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Historical and Cultural Circle

A land full of history, Haikou is filled with unique landmarks and cultural references that take you to the past and help you understand the real essence of the city and its people,
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Peak Season (December-April)

The peak season falls between December and April. There is less rainfall between December and February, when sunny and dry weather abounds.