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Traditional Chinese Herbs and Treatment in Haikou

Introduction & Highlights

Famous for its history and natural approaches, traditional Chinese medicine is one of Haikou’s treasures, attracting countless overseas visitors looking for alternative solutions to their health needs.

The tropical forests, the sea breeze, the warm environment, air quality and healthy food, typical of Hainan, provide the perfect backdrop for its use.

Besides well-known treatments such as acupuncture, local therapists have also developed nutritional diets and physical therapy offers such as southern medicine compresses.

Hainan is known as the island of longevity and with its varied health offerings, it’s easy to see why.

Head to Haikou and give your body a boost. You will find it easy to locate the city’s special treatment centres.

Where to Experience
1. Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (海口市中医医院中医国际诊疗中心)
45 Jinpan Road, Longhua District, Haikou (海口市龙华区金盘路45号)

A reputable institution, the Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integrated centre for clinical treatment, scientific research, medical education, disease prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation.

Founded in 1958, its services have been recognized with various awards. With an innovative DNA, the hospital follows a holistic approach, striking a balance between traditional Chinese medicine with Western approaches.


2. New Green Area Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Base (绿康元中医康养基地)
Jinyu Building, No. 23 Jinyu East Road, Longhua District, Haikou(海口市龙华区金宇东路金宇大厦)

The New Green Area Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Base is an alternative for those looking for some recuperation or simply to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Located in Jinyu East Road, in Haikou, it relies on traditional Chinese medicine to support chronic disease patients from the island and beyond. A trusted partner for a healthier life.