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Hainan Traditional Music of Eight Instruments

Introduction & Highlights

If Hainan were to have a soundtrack it would consist of the contributions of eight different instruments.

As part of the local culture, the Traditional Music of Eight Instruments is ever present, in any major celebration.

Whether it’s a private wedding or a folklore event in Haikou, or in any other part of the island, you will certainly have the chance to enjoy the good vibes coming from the music played by some of the in-house artists.

Alongside the gongs(), drums () and cymbals(钹), this traditional music includes different instruments that are part of the Hainanese musical landscape such as the Erhu(二胡), the Yehu(椰胡), Yueqin(月琴), Yangqin(扬琴), Sanxian(三弦), Di(笛), Suona (唢呐) and Pipes(喉管), among others. The melodies and the originality of these unique instruments provide plenty of photo opportunities and unforgettable memories for locals and tourists alike.

Due to the fact that it requires specific technical skills, based on family’s passing them down the generations and younger people are migrating from the countryside, the Traditional Music of Eight Instruments is threatened to be lost.

Authorities have increasingly supported this national intangible cultural heritage of Hainan in order to keep it alive. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it whilst celebrating life in Hainan and supporting a beautiful sounding piece of history.

National intangible cultural heritage
Where to Experience

Perfect to be enjoyed in public spaces, the Traditional Music of Eight Instruments is open to different generations, keen to learn about and engage with Hainan’s culture.

If you are in Haikou you can head to the Haikou People's Park or to the Arcade Street, where you'll have the chance to see rehearsals and performances for free.

The Meilan District also promotes the annual Traditional Music of Eight instruments competition attracting plenty of fans. You can be the next one to join its supporters.