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Hainan Doll Opera (Hainan Puppet Show)

Introduction & Highlights

A spectacle full of joy, colour and tradition, Hainan's Doll Opera is a folk show that dates back 600 years and something you will love to enjoy when you visit Haikou.

Listed as national intangible cultural heritage, the original wooden puppet show has its roots in the Yuan Dynasty.

It promises to impress you with its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and with its entertaining plots, packed with plenty of drama spanning from traditional culture themes to nostalgia and social patterns of Chinese society.

Behind the curtains of this alternative opera, real artists bring the puppets to life in Hainanese dialect, creating truly engaging moments that will get you hooked. Traditionally called “Shi Gong,” they make them talk, sing, move and dance to the rhythm of folk music, mixed up with instruments such as the gong, drums and flutes played live by actors.

You can enjoy this thrilling show of energy on a day out with your family and friends. You’re guaranteed a delightful experience filled with music, fun and laughter.

National intangible cultural heritage
Where to Experience

If you prefer, you can head to Haikou’s Meilan District and look for the Sanjiang doll opera, in Sanjiang Town. You’ll find wooden-made stages covered in curtains ready to receive different puppets that will amaze you through engaging stories filled with energy and good music.