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Jishiteng Guozai Soup (Chinese Fevervine Herb Soup)

Introduction & Highlights

An ally for great health, Jishiteng - or Fevervine - is an aromatic herb at the heart of Jishinteng Guozai Soup.

What this soup lacks in beauty, it makes up for in taste and character, popular among Hainanese and tourists alike. A favourite choice of many, helping to land it on the list of "Chinese Famous Snacks.”

For many locals, the bowl of warmth brings back all sorts of memories. A reminder of childhood times and their connection and bond with Hainan Island. They call the soup “local ginseng,” with it seen as having blood detoxifying, dehumidifying and replenishing properties. So, why not give it a try? You never know, it could be just the tonic to boost your health. And, in Hainan, you can taste the real deal.

The preparation of Jishiteng Guozai Soup is a craft and passion, combining traditions and secrets, bringing together a unique set of ingredients. The magic starts when fevervine leaves are ground with rice into flour. The mashed mixture is later covered with water, forming a dough and some “guozai,” or little grains. Shredded ginger, coconut milk, brown sugar and eggs are then added as a final touch, creating irresistible colours and aromas waiting to be tasted.

Where to Experience
1.Ye Yu Tang (Qilou Store) 椰语堂(骑楼店)
Qilou Pedestrian Street, No. 50-2 Zhongshan Road (中山路50-2号骑楼步行一条街)
Haida Night Market (海大南门夜市)
No. 26 Haidian Sanxi Road, Meilan District, Haikou(or beside the south gate of Hainan University, Meilan District, Haikou)