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Enjoy the Spring Festival in Haikou, capturing atmosphere in WeChat Moments

Enjoy the Spring Festival in Haikou, capturing atmosphere in WeChat Moments

Chinese Spring Festival is a grand and joyous occasion

New year, new style, set a goal in the year of the tiger

New look in the new year, capture WeChat Moment snaps of famous goods and delicious food

New Year atmosphere exquisite experiences, you can always find your style

For younger people keen to discover and absorb the atmosphere of the Spring Festival of 2022, WeChat moments are being created in Haikou.

The Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports will combine urban leisure opportunities with fashion trends to develop opportunities for snaps in famous places.

It will also highlight a series of tourism and cultural products such as "Joyful Travel to Haikou in New Year,” a library where you can escape the everyday sounds of life and sit down, read and relax; a fashionable shopping mall, a place where young people gather; and duty-free shopping opportunities for those who love to buy. Lots of ingredients for WeChat moments, capturing the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

Hilton Haikou, The Langham Haikou, Sofitel Haikou, Westin Haikou and other hotels in Haikou City are celebrating the Spring Festival in many ways. Offers include afternoon tea and Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, offering a tantalising way to enjoy the holiday festivities.  

The Wormhole Library has been singled out as the best sunset viewing spot by netizens. Strolling along the coast, watching the sunset and the Century Bridge in the distance, the scenery in front of you is picturesque. After witnessing the beautiful moment, you can head to Bund Bar Street for a delicious dinner. There are various restaurants, providing Chinese, Western, Japanese and other dishes, along with pubs and bars.

Sitting outside the beautiful restaurant, taking your family and friends to enjoy exquisite meals while watching the night view is a wonderful experience. During the Spring Festival, the Bund Gentlemen Music Bar, TK Craft Bar, Lanting Japanese Grill and Bar will launch big sales in the Haikou Bund.

Aracde Streets is a very distinctive streetscape. When night falls, Haikou Arcade Old Street is brightly lit. In addition to feeling the rich Nanyang Arcade style, city residents and tourists can also find their favorites foods here. During the Spring Festival, Quanfengtai, Huanhai Pavilion, Baiqie Family, Yiluokuang Seafood Restaurant and other shops in Arcade Street will also launch a series of discounts offer during the Spring Festival.

In this trendy city, whether it’s a bar with minimalistic decor or one hidden in the downtown garden, these social meeting points offer unique atmospheres for young people. Shangbang Baihui City, Xincheng Wuyue Square, Yuanda Shopping Center Haikou store, Riyue Square and other malls also launch a variety of sales during the Spring Festival.

To welcome the Chinese New Year, every family will go out shopping for New Year's goods. Mission Hills New Town Festival provides a one-stop shopping experience for residents and tourists.

There’s not only a dazzling variety of New Year's goods, but also the "New Year's Eve Flower" flower market is held – a must-see attraction.

Everyone who goes shopping in Mission Hills New Town on weekends can not only experience the joy of duty-free shopping and outlet discounts, but also soak up the New Year atmosphere.

The Spring Festival Shopping Season in TIMES'DF Mission Hills Haikou will provide lots of festive features. During the sales period, shoppers can win a red envelope, gifts and big prizes from stores – as well as picking up some great sale bargains!