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Spring Festival Vibe in Haikou

During this year's Spring Festival, Haikou City organized various cultural and tourism cons

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Fried seafood in Haikou

As coastal areas boast abundant aquatic resources, fried seafood is usually seen on the bustling

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Flower Exchanging Festival

The Flower Exchanging Festival is uniquely celebrated in Fucheng, Haikou City on the fifteenth d

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CNY Vibe in Haikou International Duty-Free Shopping Complex

During this year’s Spring Festival holiday, Haikou International Duty-Free Shopping Complex has

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Wan Chun Festival

During the Spring Festival, tourists flocked to Haikou Evergreen Park to enjoy the Wan

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Experiencing Lantern Festival in Haikou

On the Lantern Festival, the streets and parks in Haikou City were immersed in a festive vibe.

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Fucheng Flower Exchanging Festival

The Fucheng Flower Exchanging Festival is an intangible cultural heritage in Hainan.

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“Datiehua” in Changying Wonderland

“Datiehua,” or molten iron splashing, is a traditional folk performance and a form of intangible

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Longtaitou Festival fills Haikou with Spring vibes

In China, the second lunar month of year brings fresh vibes, renewed energy and hope.

The Wormhole Library
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Best ways to enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

Haikou said goodbye to the Year of the Ox on 1 February 2022 and welcomed the Year of Tiger, wit

Spring Festival in Haikou
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Enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

As the Spring Festival approaches, Haikou’s atmosphere is livening up, day by day.