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Movie Town

A tropical paradise, the city of Haikou has also become a paradise for cinema lovers. For those looking for action or a little drama, you can find the magic of the big screen in the heart of “Movie Town”, a kind of “Hollywood in Hainan”, where films are shot. A place where you can feel like you are the star of the show.

The complex is the first of its kind in China and is a result of a collaboration of leisure giant Mission Hills Group, of well-known film director Feng Xiaogang and the country's leading film production studio, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation.

Recreating a city, located in the Mission Hills Haikou resort, you can discover movie studios and replica buildings. A real amusement park for movie fans.

Some streets were carefully created to replicate sets in films by director Feng Xiaogang like “Back in 1942”(一九四二), “Tangshan Earthquake”(唐山大地震) and “If you are the one.” (非诚勿扰)There are plenty of photo opportunities to be had, which never fail to impress on social media.

In Movie Town, where everything is possible, be sure to also catch a glimpse of "1942 Street", "Nanyang Street" and "Traditional Beijing Street", which are must-sees.

The first is full of buildings that resemble those of the Republican Era in the city of Chongqing, such as the residence of former President Chiang Kai-shek and the Chongqing Cathay Theatre. "Nanyang Street" features 70 South Asian-style buildings, reproduced in the Pearl River basin. The Traditional Beijing Street was built on the image of Beijing in the 1960s and 1970s, after the founding of the People's Republic of China.

There is also a large square featuring a church, typical of European style, and an Avenue of the Stars, where it is possible to come face-to-face with autographs of Chinese and international film stars.

The complex is home to four different film studios, spread across eight thousand square metres, where memorable productions are created, helping to put China on the world movie map.


Near Mission Hills in Longhua District, Haikou (海口市龙华区近观澜湖风景度假区)

Travel Tips

Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to Movie Town to capture some unique moments.

Why not dress up as a movie character? Many stores offer clothes, including military uniforms, for example, for you to create some magic.

Movie Town is open from Monday to Sunday and on public holidays. To get here, and take your place in the movies, there are plenty of bus connections. 

Opening hours: 9:00-22:0021:30 last entry time

Ticket price:

-Scenic Area Entrance Ticket (1942 Youth Scenic Area, Nanyang Scenic Area)   RMB 160

- The tickets package (1942 Youth Scenic Area, Nanyang Scenic Area Including the following items: A complimentary snack, Oceanarium, Wax Figure Gallery, Chinese Dragon Museum, Opera Theater, Chinese Gold Coins Museum , Typhoon & Earthquake Museum (excluding the charge for using raincoat, shoe covers, glasses RMB 10)           RMB 198

- 1942 Youth Scenic Area     RMB 136

- Nanyang Scenic Area       RMB 88

Contact number: 0898-36688000

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