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Hainan Museum

The Hainan Museum is a symbol of the diversity and cultural environment synonymous of the Chinese island of the same name. Home to thousands of objects, countless relics and multimedia elements, the museum opened in November 2008.

Once the second phase of the project was concluded, in May 2017, the physical space gained a new amplitude, completely transforming the landscape of Guoxing Avenue in Haikou.

The museum neighbours the Hainan Library and the Hainan Center for the Performing Arts and offers a journey into the past with touches of the same modernity that will define Hainan and Haikou into the future. With a total exhibition area of ​​12 thousand square meters, it has spaces designed for permanent and temporary exhibitions, ideal for visitors to absorb the rich history and heritage on show for countless hours.

Since it opened its doors, the colossal Hainan Museum has received thousands of visitors, including Chinese leaders. With each passing year, new visitor records are broken, with tourists being attracted by the magnetic effect of the local culture, alongside the traditions of the ethnic minorities present on the island.

The museum building, considered one of the six most beautiful in Hainan, is divided into different floors that present different content to visitors. Under the theme "Nan Mingqi Dian", the museum proposes several fundamental exhibitions: "Nan Mindqi Dian"(南溟奇甸), which promotes a journey through maritime civilization in the South China Sea; "Outer Seas - Hainan History Display", which presents, in an interactive way, the history of the island; and “Between the Gods-Hainan custom display”, which shows garments, traditions, and Hainan's own intangible cultural heritage.

Through the different floors of the museum, it is also possible to appreciate, among other things, thousands of artefacts from the period of the Tang and Song dynasties, porcelain pieces from the Song and Qing dynasties and bronze objects from the Han dynasty period. Within the space, aboriginal culture also has a dedicated space, alongside endogenous resources. In one of the main atriums, the wreckage of the sunk ship “Huaguangjiao One” is displayed.

Individually or in groups, tourists are never alone because the museum provides professional guides to accompany visitors during their visit, as well as audio guides available in Chinese, English, Japanese and Russian, among other languages.


No.68 Guoxing Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou (海口市琼山区国兴大道68)

Travel Tips

If you're visiting Hainan, a visit to the island's museum is mandatory, either to get to know the territory's contemporary history in greater depth or discover the rich heritage of local ethnic minorities.

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 09:00 and 17:00. Entrance to the Hainan Museum is free, but it is subject to the daily issuance of a maximum of 5,000 tickets, until 16:00. After this period, it is advisable to return on another day.

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday 9:00-17:00Closed on Monday

Contact number: 0898-65238880, 0898-65238891

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