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Enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

Enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

As the Spring Festival approaches, Haikou’s atmosphere is livening up, day by day. The city hosts plenty of cultural and touristic offerings, so that everybody can have a good time. Boasting hotels for all sorts of tastes, Haikou, also known as Coconut City, has its doors open to receive all sorts of visitors, whilst meeting their individual needs and providing unforgettable experiences.

Dive into a sea of flowers

When you visit Haikou, get to know the famous Bougainvillea Fair, to eat delicious food and to stay in a charming hotel.

You can also take part in one of the immersive cultural tourism initiatives the Haikou’s Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports has launched under the theme "Enjoy Spring Festival in Haikou".

Rural tourism areas and traditional homestays are also part of a special set of activities created to attract increasing numbers of tourists whilst providing unique experiences.

During the holidays, get to dive into a sea of flowers in full bloom, while the 2022 Haikou Bougainvillea Exhibition is running. Residents and tourists have the chance to overlook a sea of flowers, to shop for flowers, enjoy flower banquets and stay in the flower fields in a shared farm. The immersive interactive experience makes the outings more fun.

With picturesque tropical scenery, the Fangyuan Art Village boasts homestays, an orchard and plank roads. Take some time for a stroll and enjoy the pleasures of slow living in an idyllic scenario. The children's dream park, which opened a few days ago, is full of options to keep your kids busy. Here they’ll find a little treasure of fun with climbing facilities and wooden crossings, for example.

During the holiday, the "KOL Recruitment Order" was launched at Lianlizhi.  Residents and tourists can indulge in different activities such as food tasting, sightseeing tours and charming folk traditions. In Yaocheng, a Guochao pastoral area, the old stone houses have been decorated to welcome visitors from all over the world and to receive them among the unique Spring Festival.

New Year, New Wonders, New Drama: Explore Cultural Haikou

As a cultural capital, Haikou exudes a literary atmosphere through its pores. During the Spring Festival holiday, the main performance venues in the city get filled with a wide variety of shows. Visitors can enjoy, for example, poetic dance such as the “Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting”. It reproduces the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty on the stage and provides an immersive painting performance for the audience.

The dance drama "Cao Xueqin" has a taste of traditional Chinese culture. And the "Little Canned Man," written by Zheng Yuanjie, is a witty fairy tale world.

These high-quality performances will be staged at the Hainan Provincial Song and Dance Theatre, so that citizens and tourists can enjoy a cultural year.

In addition to the performances, each cultural venue such as book bars, show bars, coffee bars, cultural salons, museums, memorial halls and public beaches and so on are transformed to welcome the arrival of the New Year and provide convenient services to people. They make an excellent option for citizens and tourists to visit during the holiday.

If you prefer, you can also spend the Spring Festival exploring the rainforest, in Haikou’s Volcanic Cultural Circle. During celebrations, Hainanese folk songs and dance performances take to the stage at the Leiqiong Global Geopark. They all depict the lifestyle of those who live in the volcano area and are certainly worth a look.

Hainan island’s Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden will launch “Rushing off by wisdom”, performances acted by the northern White-cheeked Gibbon and Tiger.

Customs under coconut trees, showing new vitality

During the holiday, the “2022 Chinese New Year Calligraphy Exhibition”, the “New Year shopping Festival in Mission Hills” and the "Changying Flowers Change Festival" are worth a visit.

To welcome the Chinese New Year, families head out in advance to shop for New Year's goods. The Mission Hills New Town Festival provides a one-stop shopping experience for locals and tourists.

Here you’ll find a dazzling variety of New Year's goods, but you can also visit the "New Year's Eve Flower Market,” a must-see attraction. Shopping at the Mission Hills New Town Festival on weekends offers the chance to benefit from duty-free shopping and outlet discounts.

The "Spring of the Free Trade Port - 2022 Haikou Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Poetry Season" event held in Haikou will be presented in various forms such as poetry and recitation.

The "2022 Spring Festival Calligraphy Exhibition” will be held in Meilan District Public Library Culture Centre. Visitors can find hundreds of calligraphy works created with Seal script, Clerical script, Cursive script, Semi-cursive script, Regular script with poetry, lyrics, couplets, but also famous quotes and aphorisms feature too. The exhibition runs until February 17th.

From February 1st until the 6th, the Changying Resort Wonderland will take on a new look. Huge tiger shapes will be the start of the show, to capture Wechat Moments – soaking up the joyful time during Spring Festival.

The Flower Changing Festival in Changying Resort Wonderland is also a must experience during the Spring Festival. From 12 to 15 February, the Wonderland combines folklore and fashion - offering tourists opportunities to discover different local arts. Such as the cosplay of Yuelao and Cupdid, who will be interacting with tourists as part of the warm welcome.

There will also be masked dance, folk songs, DJ performances and so on, to cater for every taste – offering plenty of night tour options for citizens and tourists in Haikou during the Spring Festival.

Accommodation that offers the feeling of home

During the Spring Festival, many residents and tourists prefer to stay in star-rated hotels and homestays in Haikou to start celebrating.

To cater for their every need, as well as the New Year's Eve dinner, there are plenty of other options on offer - providing guests with a cheerful welcome to the New Year.

According to Wang Deyu of Haikou Hotel Association: "This Spring Festival, hotels and homestays in Haikou have plenty of rooms for booking, which can meet the different needs of tourists from all over the country. There are international brand coastal resort rooms, as well as unique homestays and inns. All hotels and homestays in Haikou comply with pandemic policies, present optimised services and welcome guests from all over the world.”